Cristina Menghini

Ciao visitor, this is Cristina! 👋

I’m a postdoc in the Data Science Institute at Brown University 🇺🇸, and I work with Prof. Stephen Bach in the BATS lab 🦇. My research focuses on developing versatile and responsible AI systems, addressing both the practical challenges of adapting models to new tasks and the critical need to ensure the ethical and safe deployment of advanced AI technologies.

I arrived at Brown as Visiting Ph.D. student and worked with Eli Upfal and Matteo Riondato. In July 2021, I defended my Ph.D. thesis in Computer Engineering from Sapienza University 🇮🇹, advised by Aris Anagnostopoulos and Stefano Leonardi.

I earned my master’s degree in Data Science at Sapienza University, after a one-year exchange in the School of Computer and Communication Sciences at EPFL 🇨🇭, where I joined Data Science Lab led by Robert West. Before that, I got a bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Economics, and Finance at Sapienza University.

📻 News

📝 Publications

  1. Low-Resource Languages Jailbreak GPT-4
    NeurIPS 2023, SoLaR Workshop - 🏆 Best Paper Award (Spotlight)
    Z.-X. Yong, C. Menghini, S. H. Bach

  2. Enhancing CLIP with CLIP: Exploring Pseudolabeling for Limited-Label Prompt Tuning
    NeurIPS 2023
    C. Menghini, A. Delworth, S. H. Bach

  3. Reducing polarization and increasing diverse navigability in graphs by inserting edges and swapping edge weights
    Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 2022
    S. Haddadan, C. Menghini, M. Riondato, E. Upfal

  4. Tight Lower Bounds on Worst-Case Guarantees for Zero-Shot Learning with Attributes
    Neurips 2022
    A. Mazzetto *, C. Menghini *, A. Yuan, E. Upfal, S. H. Bach

  5. The Drift of #MyBodyMyChoice Discourse on Twitter
    WebSci 2022 - 🏆 Best Paper Award Honorable Mention
    C. Menghini, J. Uhr, S. Haddadan, A. Champagne, B. Sandstede, S. Ramachandran

  6. TAGLETS: A System for Automatic Semi-Supervised Learning with Auxiliary Data
    Machine Learning and Systems 2022
    W. Piriyakulkij, C. Menghini, R. Briden, N. V. Nayak, J. Zhu, E. Raisi, S. H. Bach

  7. Algorithms for fair k-clustering with multiple protected attributes
    Operations Research Letters 2021
    M. Bohm, A. Fazzone, S. Leonardi, C. Menghini, C. Schwiegelshohn

  8. RePBubLik: Reducing polarized bubble radius with link insertions
    WSDM 2021 - 🏆 Best Paper Award Honorable Mention
    S. Haddadan, C. Menghini, M. Riondato, E. Upfal

  9. How Inclusive Are Wikipedia’s Hyperlinks in Articles Covering Polarizing Topics?
    Big Data 2021
    C. Menghini, A. Anagnostopoulos, E. Upfal

  10. Spectral Relaxations and Fair Densest Subgraphs
    CIKM 2021
    A. Anagnostopoulos, L. Becchetti, A. Fazzone, C. Menghini, C. Schwiegelshohn

  11. Wikipedia Polarization and Its Effects on Navigation Paths
    Big Data 2019
    C. Menghini, A. Anagnostopoulos, E. Upfal

  12. Compiling Questions into Balanced Quizzes about Documents
    CIKM 2018
    C. Menghini, J. Dehler-Zufferey, R. West